St James Senior Boys’ become first school to qualify for British Bobsleigh Championships

This afternoon at around 5:30pm local time St James Senior Boys’ Bobsleigh team of Nick Ceppi di Lecco, Ash Entezari, Jordan Sirmon and veteran pilot qualified for the British Championships which will take place on Saturday 9th March. Although other schools have taken part in the ‘sliding’ sports of Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton, no school has taken it further into competition until now. In order to qualify the team had to complete two runs without assistance, pushing and loading themselves into the Bob before making it safely down. Intensive loading practice in the morning allowed the boys to smoothly and professionally load themselves into the Bob from a walking start with Mark guiding them down quickly but safely with qualification the goal. The first run was completed in a time of 1:03.20 with a top speed of 113.33 KM/h and the second in 102.44 with a top speed of 114.16 KM/h.
Tomorrow the team will start to add some pace to the push-start, building up until the Championships on Saturday.


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